Learning 2 Be

Evaluation project at the University of Helsinki, Finland 

The overall strategic goal of 

"Learning 2 Be" project 

is to highlight the necessity to develop positive social and emotional and health skills among pupils by offering practical solutions how social and emotional and health learning could be integrated into existing education systems and providing policy recommendations for supporting social, emotional and health learning at schools.

The participating countries are Lithuania (coordinator), Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Slovenia, & Spain. The target group are teachers and their students from comprehensive schools


☐ Priority 1 - Promoting fundamental values through Education and Training addressing diversity in the learning environment

☐ Priority 2 - Employment and Skills: validation of informal and non-formal learning in Education and Training

☐ Priority 3 - Strengthening teacher training and education by using the opportunities of new technologies (School education)

☐ Priority 4 - Towards more innovative and entrepreneurial higher education institutions through institutional change (Higher education)

☐ Priority 5 - VET teachers and trainers in work-based learning/apprenticeship (VET)

☐ Priority 6 - Implementation of a framework for the assessment of the effectiveness of adult learning policies

☐ Priority 7 - Reaching out: developing capacity for tackling and preventing marginalisation and violent radicalisation among young people 


Role of the partner in the project  

University of Helsinki, Finland

Faculty of Educational Sciences will act as a research partner for the project responsible for

- developing the instruments for evaluating SEH among research participants;

- evaluating the outcomes of the project's trainings and other practises in participating countries;

- disseminating the results and good practises in scientific journals and among the academic audience;

- academic rigour;

The partners from University of Helsinki will also join the Steering Committee for the management of the project..

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